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At North Beach Dental in North Beach, Perth we have a range of services designed to support the whole family for all of your oral health care requirements.

Our philosophy is simple – We provide top quality dental services for our clients and help them have a happy, confident life.

Comprehensive Dental Services in North Beach, Perth for the Whole Family

We cater to all types of dental needs for you and your family. Our dentists not only provide outstanding Dental treatments and emergency work for problem issues, but also provide cosmetic treatments so your smiles look the best they can be, as well as preventative and maintenance treatment and advice to avoid issues in the future.

Our care extends beyond the chair

Our friendly and caring dental staff will focus totally on you. We make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed while you are here, and we will ensure that you feel no pain or discomfort during your treatment. We often follow up on patients to see how they are going after treatments and fit you in to our busy calendars if you need us to. We always take the time to fully explain your treatment plan and the costs involved so there will be no surprises. And, as a result, our patients always leave smiling.

We have a warm and welcoming surgery here in North Beach that uses the latest technologies in dentistry from dental x-ray facilities, OPG x-ray, Zoom Teeth Whitening, Implants, Specialised Root Canal Treatments and Crown and Bridge work. Our team consists of skilled and experienced professionals who provide the best dental care possible.

Our services include:

Scale and Cleans, Crowns and Bridges, Dental Implants, Veneers, Root Canal Treatments, Tooth Extractions, Fillings, Dental X-rays and OPG X-rays, Zoom in-chair Whitening treatment, Mouthguards and Dentures, and Emergency Dentistry.

What great Dental Care looks like:

  • Regular Dental Check-ups: We recommend you get a dental examination, scale and clean once every 6 months. This ensures we keep on top of any issues that you may have, and get them treated early to avoid bigger problems down the track. Every two years we recommend we update your dental x-rays so we can see the areas between your teeth.
  • Treatments: Decayed or damaged teeth often need a filling. At North Beach Dental, we provide the best quality ceramic white fillings that will be colour matched to look just like your natural teeth. For also cater for more complex issues and provide crown and bridge work, root canal treatments, extractions and implants.
  • Child Dental Care: We provide Dental care to all ages from the very old to the very young. You are never too young to get your teeth looked at and we always try to make it the most positive experience possible for your child. We encourage you get your child into the habit of visiting the Dentist regularly and we will help teach them about good oral healthcare habits.
  • Emergency Dental Services: Saving your smile and reducing your pain is our priority, if you’re feeling pain or discomfort, don’t wait, give us a call. Our dedicated team at North Beach Dental Clinic is available throughout the holiday seasons (we only close on the main public holidays).
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: North Beach Dental Surgery is a leading choice for cosmetic dentistry procedures that can transform your teeth and help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamt of. We can replace missing teeth with realistic looking dental implants, cover damaged teeth with natural looking crowns, perform professional high-quality Zoom tooth whitening to whiten and brighten teeth, and use dental veneers to fix gaps.

Join us for the best smile possible.

We proudly are a family owned Dental clinic in North Beach, Perth. This means you matter to us. We provide a better treatment, and dentists that really care about your dental health.

We are the preferred provider for HBF, Medibank, nib, HCF and CBHS. This means you get top quality dental care for less out of pocket expense. We also support you if you are a Medicare Subsided patient, a child on the Dental Health Benefit Scheme and Department of Veteran Affairs patient.

We are located in North Beach, however we happily serve people in Carine, Marmion, Sorrento, Watermans Bay, Trigg, Hillarys, Duncraig, Karrinyup, Scarborough, Warwick and the Perth area as a whole.

Call us on (08) 9447 1514, or visit us in our office at Unit 2/118 Flora Terrace in North Beach to see how we can help you.

Emergency Dentistry

At North Beach Dental Surgery, we attend to dental emergencies to provide you immediate pain relief.

New Patients

If you're new to North Beach Dental Surgery in North Beach, you wouldn't know what to expect. All our loyal patrons already trust us.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Looking for a smile that suits your personality and makes you look youthful and confident? You’re at the right place.

Why choose us

Root canals

Root canal treatment or root filling is performed when a particularly large cavity has affected the nerve chamber of the tooth.


Your teeth say a lot about you. Healthy teeth and gums are a sign that you take good care of yourself. Whether you have natural teeth or dentures..

Crown and Bridges

Broken or missing teeth? Don’t worry, they can be restored using crowns or bridges. We have an expert dental team in North Beach that can deliver..

Teeth Whitening

Having the perfect pearly whites is a dream for many. There are people who are happy with the shape and alignment of their teeth..


Have you ever wondered how film stars manage to have such perfect teeth? There is a simple secret behind their beautiful smiles..

Inlays and Onlays

Got cracks or fractures on your teeth that cannot be corrected with filling? Don’t worry. You don’t need major corrective procedures...

Dental Implant

If you're missing a tooth, you can get it replaced with an implant. At North Beach Dental, we have implants fixed with the help of titanium screws.


Dental hygiene is very important and can help avoid most dental problems. Our dental practitioner can remove plaque and tartar..

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